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Howdy I'm Dan Finn!

I work as a motion designer, animator, and Cinema 4D artist for Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, Oregon.

I work across the adobe creative suite, with my background in 3D computer animation from School of Visual Arts (Class of 2017).

My senior thesis was spent studying/exploring new technologies with a focus on virtual reality via real-time engines. My senior year I decided to develop in Unreal Engine to create a piece for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift developers-kit called AS ABOVE SO BELOW. Link Here:

I still love emerging technology, but this ultimately led me to focus more on film and advertising, with a focus on motion design/animation

Moved out to Portland in 2021 with my wife from New Jersey, after working as a freelance designer for companies such as Hopr, Psyop, Tendril, and Hornet (2019-2021). Before this, I was a junior designer at Framestore, New York (2017-2019). 

I believe in always focusing on creating, so I'm constantly experimenting with making films, social media, and any interesting creative outlet I can get my hands on. Follow my Instagram to follow my doodles, ideas, and catch the latest endeavor: